About Us

About Us

Bob and Corina Neher are the proud owners of Clay in Motion, Inc pottery studio located in Milton-Freewater, Oregon, just south of Walla Walla, Washington. Established in 1981, this family owned and operated studio produces more than 100 different items of functional high-fire stoneware and specialty items such as garden sculptures, cremation urns, and dental cuspidors.

Bob's interest in pottery began in high school when his instructor introduced him to throwing and his interest grew from there. After graduation, pottery was done in his spare time in an effort to perfect his craft. Corina's interest in pottery also began in high school and upon meeting Bob, she worked with him in perfecting the art. They were married the same year the studio was established. They are a great team as Bob does the throwing and firing while Corina works on the glazing and decorating.

Pottery is Bob and Corina's livelihood and the functional items they market are their prime concern. Each handmade, hand decorated piece is fired at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and are lead free, dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. All of the clay used at the studio is of the highest grade giving it a smooth texture and high density. They prepare and mix all their own glazes in order to control the contents. There are twelve steps in making a quality piece of pottery, the final one being to inspect each piece to ensure the finest handmade quality possible.


Each year the inventory is updated by creating new items, all of which are their own design. Among their many unique pieces is their largest selling item, the Handwarmer© Mug. This six inch tall mug is held by inserting the hand into a pocket on the side of the mug. Both right and left handed models are available. The Apple Torte bowl is another of their unique pieces of pottery. This practical baking dish with a recipe card, as well as a recipe permanently stamped on the bottom, has also been a favorite of many. They also offer a smaller Apple Bowl that nests inside the Apple Torte. The many other pieces of pottery available are shown in their catalog (a printed version can be obtained by contacting the studio).



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